In-Class Pet First Aid Training

Learn Pet First Aid from a Live Instructor

The Cat Care classroom course is ideal for students who want to learn pet first aid that includes a hands-on element to the class. These courses are taught by a UK wide network of accredited instructors who are passionate about animals. Classes are limited to instructor location and schedule and may not include some topics that are covered in the online course.

We also offer an instructor course in Pet First Aid. Email to join our Cat Care instructor network and teach this course in the classroom.

Cat Care In-Person Courses

Pet First Aid Class
  • Taught UK Wide
  • Accredited ProTrainings Instructor
  • 4 - 6 Hour Course
  • £40 - £60 Fee Per Student
  • Receive Certificate After Class

ProTrainings Instructor Network

UK Instructor Map

Cat Care Curriculum Includes:

  • Introduction to cat care 
    • Cat care introduction 
    • Cat care overview
  • Cat care 
    • Cat-proofing your home 
    • Paws and Claws 
    • Cat feeding and water 
    • Cat vaccinations 
    • Cat worming and treatment
    • Choosing a kitten 
    • Pedigree cats 
    • Cat toilet training 
    • Neutering your cat 
    • The pregnant cat 
    • Adult cats
    • Pets and fireworks
    • Cat Care Course Overview
  • Course summary 
    • Summary to cat care

Do you have a group of pet lovers that want to learn first aid for their pets?

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