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As with humans, there are a variety of different cancers that animals can get. The ones that you may find on the skin, you can normally see them or feel them and they will come up quite quickly if they are a malignant type of cancer. But any of these cancers, it's advisable to get them checked out by your vet. The other types of cancers that pets can get would be ones that you can't see and you can't necessarily feel. So an example of this would be of an organ such as the liver, or the stomach, or an intestine, things that you can't see, but you may start to see symptoms of. And the most common thing would be weight loss for these internal cancers. This is why it's important to keep a record of your pet's weights and make sure you are keeping that and your vet is recording that every time you go in. The other thing you may see, they may start to drink a little bit more, they may start to vomit, the consistency of their faeces may change, they may not want to eat quite so much, and you can also get skin changes as well with certain cancers.

The final cancer that is quite common still is lymphoma. This is the cancer of the lymph system and of the lymph nodes. And if you know what to feel, you may be able to feel the changes that would occur in the lymph nodes when you get the lymphoma. All of these cancers can be diagnosed through biopsies and through tests and some of them are treatable. Some of them sadly are not, but the main thing is a few notes any changes in your pet, especially older pets, get them looked up and get them a test done to see if they do have any certain types of cancer that you can treat.