Getting Help with the Programme

Cat Care Level 2 (VTQ) is happy to serve you

Cat Care Level 2 (VTQ) support is here to ensure that you have the best and most educational Cat Care Level 2 (VTQ) training possible. For questions about an in-person class, contact the administering instructor or company. For general inquiries about our program, online group solutions, or technical issues, please contact Cat Care Level 2 (VTQ) Support. Comments, concerns, & suggestions are also very welcome.

Cat Care Level 2 (VTQ) Support Options

Instant Chat

Instant chat will allow you to talk to one of our support team members by instant message. If one of our support team members is unavailable, the chat button will prompt you to send an email instead. This email will be sent directly to our support center.


If you wish to email us, simply fill out the form available on the help page or send an email from your personal email to


If you would like to speak to a Cat Care Level 2 (VTQ) representative, please do not hesitate to call us at 01206 805359 from Mon - Fri, 9am - 5pm.