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Now look at food and drink with a cat and a kitten. Let's look at the drink side. A lot of people think, well cats only drink milk but can you talk a little bit about milk against water and what the reasons why you would give one, not the other?

Well, you'd never give cow's milk because cats can't digest it. You can actually get... You can buy cats milk in pet shops, specifically formulated for cats but basically, water is absolutely fine and give them anything but water to drink, that is absolutely fine to give them.

They need to make sure water is always available.

Always, clean supply of fresh water readily available for them.

So you have got the new kitten, bringing it home, what sort of things within food would you need? Do you need to keep food out all the time? Would you have set feed times or where would you find information about that?

Well, our kittens go with a guide to feeding them. We advise the kitten to have a dry... A good quality dry food left down all day so they can graze on it as and when they want to.

In the pet stores there is a whole array of treats and things you can get for cats, biscuits and that, are they a good idea just to give cats little treats from time to time?

Only as a little treat. Basically, you want to keep... Especially a kitten, you want to keep their eating routine the same, you don't want to give them anything that might upset their tummies. So, I would say very minimal treats, especially for a kitten.

And often the treats are more for the owner than the cat, aren't they? The Christmas stockings and things like this that the cat I'm sure doesn't really need but...

No, the cats love the toys.


I mean, the toys are... If you want to go out and buy a kitten something, you're better to buy a nice toy or a toy with catnip in it rather than buy treats because you possibly will find if you go out and spend money on treats, the cats might not even like them. So, you are better to get them plenty of toys to play with and stick to the diet that you've either been advised from the breeder or your vet.

And if you have questions, you can always contact maybe back to the breeder, your vet or your local pet store.

Yeah, absolutely.

So, moving on from kittens onto cats, when does a kitten then become a cat and then we maybe need to change the feeding?

Yeah. Your kitten needs to have the kitten food, I mean there will be brands of food and they will say kitten on them and they need this up to 12 months because the kitten food has more vitamins and minerals, everything your cat needs for while it is growing. So, they need to have this up to 12 months of age.