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Obviously, a concern with any new cat or kitten is the litter tray side. You know, maybe with a dog, you can let the dog out into the garden, but with cats, you need to obviously have it in the house. So what types of litter tray are there, because of quite a wide array in shops?

Yes. There is an open litter tray or you can get a hooded litter tray. There is an awful lot to choose from. And obviously, a very big price range. We use a hooded tray. The mother teaches the kitten to use the litter tray. The hooded litter trays are better really because the litter does not come out so much and also it keeps the smell in better. Obviously, you should remove anything the cat does as soon as you can, but sometimes if you are not in, the hooded trays sometimes can have vents, as well and special inserts to keep like an air freshener on the top of them, so it keeps everything smelling better.

So the actual litter you are using, there are lots, again, there are different choices that you see in the shops. What is the difference with them?

Well, it is basically what you prefer or your cat prefers to use and what the cat has been brought up on. There is wood-based litter, there is clay litter, there are all types of litter and it really is what your cat is used to. If you buy a kitten and it has been used to being brought up on a wood-based litter than you are best to stick with the same litter.

And if you have got children and you have got cat trays, is it a good idea to keep them away from the tray a little bit, or maybe they are a little bit fascinated by them at times.

Yes, definitely. Obviously, keep the children away from it. You do not want them obviously messing around with cat litter.

Yeah. So have you got a cat, with a cat flap and the cat is going outside all the time, is it more likely to use outside and should you have a cat tray in the house anyway, particularly if you sort of close the cat flap off at night?

Yes, I mean if your cat is used to going outside and doing his business outside then he will always want to go outside to do it, but if you obviously do not want him to go out overnight then yes, you should have a litter tray inside so he can use it if he needs to.