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if I was coming to get a new kitten and looking at kittens, what sorts of things will I need to look for to make sure I get a healthy kitten?

Basically, you want to make sure that the kitten is lively, it has bright eyes and just checks that the ears are clean and also that her bottom is clean. The kitten should be full of beans at 12 weeks old. When they are fully vaccinated they should be like this little girl is, bright-eyed, full of life, should have no discharge around her eyes, her nose should be clear and use your common sense that the cat is a healthy individual.

And as well also not be scared that you will maybe committed to buying a kitten, but when you then go and pick it up, if you are not happy about something, you should get that sorted out.

Yeah. Never accept a kitten if you are not happy that if they show any signs of having runny eyes, or sneezing or if the ears appear dirty because these signs can mean there is something lurking. Dirty ears can be, there could be ear mites. And obviously, if they have got a dirty bottom, this could mean that they have got a tummy upset, or had diarrhoea, which is very, very serious in a young kitten because they can become very quickly dehydrated. So it is very important that the kitten is clear from any signs of what we have just discussed.

I suppose also if you have another cat, you could potentially pass on an infection or problem to another cat that you have.

Absolutely. Yes. If they are sneezing, runny eyes, this could mean that they have got symptoms of some virus. So, it is really important that you check for these signs.

So, basically, find a kitten that is like this one and quite a handful.

Yes. They should be full of life at this stage. They should not be dull. They should be like she is, bright-eyed, purring away.

Yeah. So, when you are choosing a kitten, is it a good idea to maybe see the mum?

Yes, definitely. It is a good idea to see the mother as well, to see that she is healthy, to see that she has got a good temperament. And basically, that the environment the cat and the kittens are in is clean and hygienic.

What about the dad, is that always easy?

Not so easy, because in particular with Bengal cats, sometimes people do not have their own stud cat and in just a domestic cat, sometimes might not know who the father is. But definitely, you should see the mother to make sure that she is healthy and has a good temperament.