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So starting off, your new kitten is on the way. From when you pick the kitten up, what sort of things you need to do. You just started with just transporting the kitten. So you picked it up, how are you gonna transport that cat back home?

Well, you need to buy a cat carrier. There are all different types. I would suggest you get... You can get a plastic one, with a metal insert at the front for the opening and closing. There are all different kinds but that is the best one, it is secure. You can get cardboard ones but there is always the chance that they could chew, chew out...


And you do not want to lose them on the way home.

So, you do get some advice from your local pet store or vet or whatever, the best way of transporting them and you are gonna need a cat crate for a cat anyway, taking it to the vet and things like that anyway, aren't you?


So, once you get the little kitten home, then imagine that we have kids and the family are gonna play with all the time, but what sort of considerations do you need to do within the home?

Yes, we do need to make sure that when you take a kitten home, you have got to remember that you are taking it to a strange place away from its litter mates, away from its mother and where it has grown up. They may be scared. Ideally, you would have a nice, quiet room where you would have your kitten's litter tray and then separate, it's water and its food. Ideally, leave the kitten to settle and explore its new surroundings. Even though family members might be eager, you just need to let the kitten be quiet and just get used to its new home.

Is there anything that you need to do to kitten-proof your home at all? Avoiding any dangers because there are lots... Because there must be lots of dangers around the home.

You need to make sure that any wires and cables are protected, so the kitten cannot chew them. Also, make sure chimneys, they could not get up a chimney because they will... They will explore but they also, if they are frightened, they will try to go somewhere quiet and hide. Chimneys are definitely... We have to make sure that our chimney is blocked up so we do not lose anything up the chimney.

So also making sure doors are closed, making sure everyone knows that when are they coming in through the front door or where is the kitten?


Because you wanna make sure it stays in the house.

Yes, you do not want the kitten darting out the front door or getting out of a window. So yes, everybody has got to be aware that you have got a new kitten in the house and to be careful. And also to make sure that you can let the kitten explore, but supervise and always place the kitten back in the room where the litter tray is because they are still only babies and the last thing the kitten wants to do is have an accident. So you can let them explore and have a play with them, but then put them back where the litter tray and the bed is and also let them get plenty of rest because they still are babies.

What about the first night, is there many concerns there? Obviously, it is the first time away from the rest of the kittens.

Yeah, I mean they may cry because they are away from what they have known and their littermates, but they just need to settle and be quiet, basically. Not too much hustle and bustle and just let them get used to their new surroundings.

When you are cat-proofing your home, logically at some point with some people let the cat out. Sometimes it is not always practical to do that, but if you all let you can out on cat flap, what sort of considerations would you have with the cat flap itself for safety and also letting the cat out for the first time, because you want the cat to come back and know where its home is. So, is there any sort of time constraints, with that as well?

Ideally, once the kitten is settled in its new home, would leave it for a few weeks, until you were going to let it out. If you were going to let your cat out and then a cat flap is a good idea so they can come and go as they like. But ideally, keeping an eye on your kitten, or cat, when you let it out for the first few times so you know that it is not just going to go running off and not be able to find its way home. So, basically supervising them, the first few times you let your cat out.

And then really to look at the safety within the garden as well, making sure the cats do not get to maybe garden chemicals, or something like this or spraying as well.

Yeah. Make sure your garden is as safe as possible, especially if you are going to let say, your pedigree Bengal in the garden, then you want it to be enclosed. Hopefully making sure that any chemicals are locked away and there is nothing the cat could eat, such as any poisonous plants.